Why Walk?


Get away from it all!  Green space has been shown to allow people to think better, work better and feel better.  Walking takes you out of the rat-race and clears your head.  Start slowly and gradually build yourself up.  It will improve everything about your life from breathing to thinking.


“40 minutes walking, 3 times a week can improve memory” according to Pittsburgh University.  That’s better than Sudoku!


2½ hours exercise a week will help you to sleep significantly better and so feel more alert during the day.


2½ hours intense exercise a week can lower the risk of heart disease by 14%.


Walking increases the number of red blood cells in the bone marrow which will improve oxygen transport around the body.  It has also been shown to prevent anaemia.


Exercise can promote the generation of new cells in the discs of the lumbar spine.


Walking for 2 hours will burn off 300kcals – that’s the same as 4 pints of beer, a good roast beef dinner or 2 slices of apple tart with custard!